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Continuous improvement of management in ensuring health and safety is an integral part of the way to reduce costs and increase production efficiency.


Apply and develop management systems,
operative control and behavioural safety

Preparation for certification under ISO 9001, ISO 14001,
BS OHSAS 18001

Auditing and reporting on compliance with the elements of the management system, which is based on review of available documentation, interviews with management and staff, the attached regulation and established good practices in the company.


Safety system of the subcontractor

Implementation of a set of measures to ensure the safe conduct of contractors in contract work, project, subscription service, etc.

Safe behavior and its understanding by all participants in the process ensures stability and preserving the image of both sides.

Preparation of documents

  • Prepare the necessary documentation OHS required for inspection by the supervisory authorities.
  • Conformity assessment of the real situation to the legal requirements.
  • Preparation of fire fighting file (documents required for inspection by FSPP).
  • Preparation of instructions and procedures.
  • Consultation to implement within prescribed term by supervisory authorities.


  • Introducing OHS Consult to the compliance with laws and regulations
  • Outsourcing of initial and periodic instruction (training) in accordance with standards and procedures of the company.
  • Internal auditing in ISO9001, ISO14001, BS OHSAS 18001.
  • Audit based on the conditions of the issued integrated permit.
Why OHS Consult?
We can help you prevent mistakes and avoid unnecessary penalties


We strive through the improvement of safety management to add value to products and services of our partners!

Subscription information for regulatory changes

Are you sure you did not miss any new requirement?
Are you worried that you may be fined for it for inspection by the supervisory authorities?
Do you have time each week to check for changes in the regulations?
Allow us to monitor changes in the regulations governing health and safety and fire safety.
Use your time to develop your business and achieve your goals!
We can inform you about the changed and new requirements with which you must comply.

Develop and conduct training on request.

Basic safety training:
Safety contractor;
Environments with exposure to CO2;
Work on height;
Work in confined spaces;
Hazards in the office;
Safety sales representative;
Safety in the warehouse;

Experience in conducting practical training aimed commits us to offer topics that are necessary for you and comply with your business.

Check the safety systems in areas with increased exposure to CO2 and NH3

Audit areas and report based on the results of plant, localization of internal and external points of release, existing procedures and staff training.

Supply and installation of special equipment

Hand and stationary detectors dangerous gas
Fire extinguisher, fire alarm system
Drencher systems
Safety showers
Sorbents for the spillage of chemicals and other
First aid kid
Lotto equipment

Why OHS Consult?
We will work together with you on developing a behavioural safety


Our clients are:

  • Мanufacturing plants
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Food industry companies
  • Chemical industry companies
How do we achieve our objectives?
By using methodologies, proven techniques and instruments for achieving results, like 5S, 5why, LOTO, BBS, UPS, TPM, built on the experience and traditions of leading companies in the industry.


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